Monty (owners: Tracey and Julian)

My name is Monty and I am a black cocker spaniel. I am four years old, a Capricorn and I like long walks in the park on a warm summer day or just sitting around staring at my owners. My dislikes include being referred to as the Fonz, pesky birds and any reference to to my sexuality. I would like this opportunity to walk you through a typical day in my life.

Each morning I wake-up to the snoring and kicking of my partner in crime, Hamish. He is a 6 year old golden retriever who is an ex-show dog who thinks the world revolves around food and tennis balls. I soon realise that I can hear my owners, Tracey and Julian, are up and about getting ready for work, I gaze outside and think to myself, what to do today? – should I nibble on some trees? chase birds? or run Hamish around?

Once we have been taken outside and given a biscuit each, I am off checking for birds and assessing if anything has changed overnight. I notice the balls are still in the same place however the Japanese Maple looks like it may have grown a bit – I will take care of that later.

The days seem to get quicker as I get older. I think to myself how easy my life is and how basic my needs are. Thank god I still have Tracey and Julian convinced with the facade that I am a complex dog with issues. I don’t know how long I can keep this act up.

As the day turns into night, my owners return and I continue with my complex dog act. I watch Julian’s movements closely and notice he is making a break for the dinner bowls. Now lets make some noise. I look inside to notice that tonight it is chicken and rice for dinner. We fly outside and are told to sit and wait….wait……wait…..I don’t know why he repeats himself however I do enjoy faking him out with a small movement towards the bowl.

30 seconds later my dinner is finished and I am back inside on my mat. Time to rest and ponder, what to do tomorrow? I look for some advice from Hamish however as per usual he is fast asleep on his back snoring. It’s going to be another long night.

monty & hamish