Vet Tips

New legislation coming into effect from May 1, 2007

Some important changes to registration requirements for dogs and cats take place on May 1. New legislation coming into effect from May 1, 2007 will make it compulsory to microchip your cat or dog before registering it for the first time with your Council.


Is your dog starting to wet the bed?

Normally urine is contained within the bladder and prevented from leaking out by the urinary sphincter. Some dogs develop urinary incontinence which means a loss of urine through lack of urinary sphincter control. That is, urine will dribble out especially when lying down and sleeping.


Is your pet overweight?

Unfortunately, it is estimated that 1 in 2 domestic dogs and cats are overweight. That is half of our pet population! Apart from the obvious signs of weight gain, difficulty in walking, lack of activity, shortness of breath, excessive sleeping are all common signs. Most importantly overweight pets are predisposed to health problems such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Skin Complaints, Breathing Difficulties and Arthritis.


National Pet Dental Health Month

Once again National Pet Dental Health Month is here!

The Pets Need Dental Care, Too™ campaign is underway and is a good way to learn about giving pet’s good dental care. Details are available at, your local veterinary surgery, or read some of Pets Need Dental Care, Too campaign below.


Physiotherapy for Dogs?

Animal physiotherapy is now becoming recognized as an important part of the recovery process after many surgical procedures and for many chronic Musculo-skeletal problems.