registration number: nhl091
Breed: Border Collie x Kelpie
Age: 5 Years (approx)
Sex: Female (desexed)
Colour: Black & White
Tipsy is a very sweet and friendly dog, who would suit an active person or family who have plenty of time to spend with her. While she is quite well behaved being from working dog stock, combined with her current weight, will mean that Tipsy needs LOTS of exercise. She will be well suited to ongoing training classes as she is very clever, and obedience training will give her the opportunity to expend some energy in a contructive manner. Tipsy is currently quite overweight, and as such is in search of a motivated owner who is capable of implementing an exercise program and calorie controlled diet. For an owner or family who can give Tipsy both the loving home she deserves, and the boundaries she requires, this gorgeous dog will make an excellent friend and companion.