registration number:  NGZ442
Breed:  Maltese x
Age:  6 years old (approx)
Sex:  Female (desexed)
Colour:  White
Happy little dog Lily will need a home where she receives some basic training, regular exercise and regular brushing. As her coat will grow long she will also need to be clipped every 3-4months, or more often if needed. Lily has mild luxating patellas, that is, her knee caps have a tendency to dislocate.  It is not causing her any problems at the moment and may never. At Lily’s age surgery is unlikely to benefit the condition, but may be required in the future if she deteriorates. She may also require treatment for arthritis later on in relation to this. Lilly has undergone a dental and a large number of her teeth have been removed. The poor quality of her teeth was most likely due to bad diet and her new owner will need to make sure she receives a good quality diet and the occasional raw bone to keep the remainder of her teeth healthy. If you are interested in adopting her please discuss this with our veterinary staff.