registration number: nhd117
Breed: Labrador
Age: 6 Years (approx)
Sex: Male (desexed)
Colour: Black & White
Barney is a BIG bouncy boy.  He is currently overweight and his new owner will need to ensure that he is placed on a strict diet so that extra pressure isn’t placed on his joints as he gets older. Lots of daily exercise will not only help with Barney’s weight loss but will also be a great way to burn energy and be a source of stimulation. He has already received some training and walks nicely on lead, but has a tendency to take of in a hurry if there is something of interest ahead. Being walked on a head collar will help with this behaviour. Barney is very sensitive to stimulation around him and will be best with lots of ongoing things to do to ensure he doesn’t become vocal or destructive.