registration number: nfx289
Breed: Kelpie x Whippet
Age: 2 & a half Years (approx)
Sex: Male desexed
Colour: Tri Colour
Mate is quite the mix! He is a combination of 2 very active breeds being the Whippet and the Kelpie. Mate’s “let’s GO!” life style will keep you motivated and on the move. He has tons of energy and Mates new owners should expect to include him in their daily activities and be kept on their toes with twice daily exercise. Obedience training is highly recommended as Mate is very intelligent and loves to learn new things. He already has some basics up his sleeve such as sit and shake hands and he is keen to learn more. A tennis ball will be essential as Mate loves to play fetch and this provides a great outlet for his boundless energy.