Registration number:  NGG225
Breed:  Maltese x
Age:  3 Years (approx)
Sex:  Male
Colour:  Black and White
Herbert is a very sweet little dog, who can be a little shy when meeting new people. He will need a kind, patient new owner who can help build his confidence while his settles into his new home. Herbert came into our care looking a little worse for wear, with a matted, dirty coat, and after a groom and a bath is looking a million dollars! His new owner should be aware he will need regular brushing and grooming for the rest of his life.Herbert has mild luxating patellas. This means that his knee caps have a tendency to dislocate. It is not causing him any problems at the moment and may never, however it is possible that he may need medical or surgical treatment for this condition later on. if you would like more information on this condition, please speak with our veterinary staff here at The Lost Dogs Home.