registration number: ngt274
Breed: Chihuahua
Age: 7 Years (approx)
Sex: Female (desexed)
Colour: Tan & White
Golden girl Estelle is a friendly dog who, while she has a little more ‘life experience’ than some, is in need of a loving new home where she will be appreciated! Estelle will be best suited to a quiet new home, with an owner who can take her on a daily walk, and give her plenty of time for affection. Despite her age, Estelle still has many more happy healthy years ahead of her given the right care, and she will make a fantastic companion.Estelle suffers from a condition knows as ‘luxating patella’, meaning her kneecaps are prone to dislocation. While it is not currently causing her any issue, new owners will need to be aware, as she may require veterinary attention in the future.