registration number: cix633
Breed: Pomeranianx
Age: 9 Years (approx)
Sex: Female desexed
Colour: Blonde
As her name suggests, Sweetpea is a friendly little dog, in need of a caring new owner. Sweetpea may be a little shy in her new home at first, and will need gentle TLC and assurance in order to adapt to her new surroundings. Whilst in foster, it was discovered that Sweetpea loves to spend time with her human counterparts and would be well suited to being the only pet in the house, as she loves to bask in your attention! She is house-trained and knows basic commands, but would benefit from mixing with new dogs and people under controlled conditions at obedience training, to help build her confidence. Sweetpea has had orthopaedic surgery – knee surgery to correct a wobbly kneecap that otherwise would lead to arthritis. She will require a little extra care for the first month in her new home, so if you are interested in adopting Sweetpea, please discuss this with our veterinary staff.