HELP – my dog pulls on the leash!

Nobody enjoys the experience of being pulled around the block by a dog. Nobody that is except the dog! Many dogs become excited at the mere thought of going for a walk. Once the leash is on they just want to get to the next tree, smell, park or person as quickly as possible.

Often dogs learn that the quickest way to get to their chosen destination is to pull hard on the leash. The good news is that it is possible to teach even the largest breed of dog to walk using just a flat collar and leash.

Start with your dog on a flat collar or harness and leash. Hold the handle of the leash with both hands. Begin walking forward in a straight line. Let your dog have the full extent of the leash. Continue to walk forward until your dog either crosses in front of you or reaches the end of the leash. The instant that this happens you must stop and walk backwards. When the leash is loose, begin walking forwards again. Remain calm and have patience. You will need to keep repeating this exercise until the dog begins to understand that you will only move forward when there is no pressure on his neck.

It is best not to take your dog on a long walk during this training process. If you do you are likely to give into your dog and allow him to pull you around. Practice in the driveway or pick a spot 10 metres down the street and practice walking to and from this point.