registration number: nev023
Breed: Pomeranian
Age: 7 Years (approx)
Gender: Female desexed
Colour: Red
Elle is a lovely, sweet little lap dog who likes going for a walk and loves cuddles. Her coat is silky soft and will need a regular brush to keep it from getting tangled. Elle has some moderate signs of ongoing skin disease. She will require good flea control and may require ongoing veterinary visits from time to time to keep this condition under control. Prospective owners would benefit with advice from our Vet Team. Sweet Elle has mild luxating patella(s) – her knee caps have a tendency to dislocate and although it is not causing her any problems at the moment, and may never, it could be possible that she may need medical or surgical treatment for this condition later on. If you are interested in adopting Elle please discuss her with our veterinary staff.