Westie and Maggie

registration number:  CPG669 and CPG708
Breed:  Terrier x
Age:  7 years
Sex:  Male (desexed) and Female (desexed)
Colour:  White and Tan
Meet the lovely Westie and the sweet little Maggie. Wesite and Maggie would like to go home together as they are best friends and couldn’t bear to be apart. Although they love each other, they do get overwhelmed by other animals so would prefer to be the only pets in the house.This lovable pair love people so much that when they spend time alone they get a little down. Using the Independence Training techniques we have been working on with Westie and Maggie will help improve their confidence when they are alone. Ask one of our friendly adoption attendants about how you can continue this training with Westie and Maggie in your home.If this dynamic duo sound like they can find a forever home at your place, come on down and meet them today.