registration number:  COT889
Breed:  Koolie x Great Dane
Age:  1 year and 4 months (approx)
Sex:  Female (desexed)
Colour:  Blue Merle
Introducing the gorgeous Specky!This girl is absolutely amazing and cannot wait to find her new family! Specky really loves to learn and is hoping her new people will share her passion for training. Positive reinforcement training will really set this girl up for success and help her gain some confidence.Specky is still learning that being alone can be fun. Ensuring that Specky has plenty to do when left alone will help her to cope and keep her thinking and solving puzzles!

Specky may enjoy sharing her home with another dog, so if you have another dog at home, please bring them in for a play date! Otherwise come on in ASAP to say hello to this stunning lady.