Doug Adopted


registration number:  NNU198
Breed:  Terrier cross
Age:  1 year and 1 month (approx)
Sex:  Male (desexed)
Colour:  Tan and White
 Doug is on patrol for the perfect home!This handsome boy is looking for a home to share with secondary school aged children, or just adults, who will help him to gradually build his confidence around handling.When on watch dog duty, Doug would prefer to be inside until his humans come back home. He would benefit from some independence training to help him feel more at ease during these times. One of our friendly Adoption Attendants can talk you through this.Doug is an energetic young lad who would love to go for a long walk each day, have plenty of play time, and learn lots of new skills to earn the badge of happy, well mannered dog.If you have another dog at home, Doug might love a partner, so please bring them in with you for a meet and greet!