registration number:  NNI037
Breed:  Labrador cross
Age:  1 year and 2 months (approx)
Sex:  Male (desexed)
Colour:  Gold
Are you a someone that loves the idea of having a happy go lucky dog in your life? If yes then look no further than Buddy boy!Buddy loves nothing more in this world than people. If he could he would spend every minute of every day by your side.Because of Buddy’s strong love for human company he does sometimes get a little down when he has to spend time alone. Using Independence Training techniques we have been working with him to help build his confidence when he is by himself. Buddy will need for his new owners to continue supporting him in building confidence when in your home so ask our adoption attendants about how to go about this.

Buddy doesn’t just love people he also loves to keep active, whether it be for a run, some playtime with a toy or acing a training session. This guy just loves to keep on the go!
If you love the sound of Buddy and think he would be the perfect addition to your home then drop everything to come in and meet him today.