registration number:  CNQ632
Breed:  Staffordshire Bull Terrier x
Age:  8 years and 7 months old (approx)
Sex:  Male (desexed)
Colour:  Black and white
Soprano is a beautiful older boy who can’t wait to settle into his new home and claim his spot on the couch!

Soprano is looking for a new owner(s) to assist him in his weight-loss journey. A premium diet and some good, gentle exercise will be key in helping him out. Please feel free to speak with one of our Adoption Attendants for more information or advice on helping Soprano.

Being a senior, Soprano would benefit from some regular vet visits to ensure he is staying fit and healthy.

Poor Soprano tends to get a little upset when his people go away. He would benefit greatly from some independence training and lots of enrichment when left alone. The Lost Dogs Home Behaviour Department and Adoptions Team are available to assist in their further training and progress with his training.

Please come in and speak with one of our Adoption Attendants if you would like to meet Soprano.