registration number: nll237 
Breed: Wire Hair Terrier x 
Age: 3 Years (approx) 
Sex: Male (desexed) 
Colour:  Black
 Although a little unsure at first little Soooty is a dear dog and would make a great companion. He has a quiet nature but it does not take him long to want to jumo up on your lap for a pat and a cuddle. Lots of gentle TLC along with ongoing positive reinforced training will ensure little Sooty gains more confidence and settles nicely into his new home.Even though Sooty is a quiet little dog he is also very playful. If you love to throw a tennis ball and have Sooty retrieve it and bring it back for more then he may just be the dog for you!

Sooty has had a cyst removed from the top of his head. This will not cause any more problems once it has healed.