registration number: nma169
Breed: Kelpie x
Age: 18 months (approx)
Sex: Female (desexed)
Colour: Black & Brown
Introducing little Madi. This sweet little girl can take a little while to get to know people, she needs a home where her owner(s) can go at Madi pace. Madi can be frightened of loud noises, so her new owner(s) need to keep this in mind. Madi is going to really enjoy exercising and attending training classes with her new owner(s), this will help in building a bond. Madi will love being able to come inside and be part of the family. Her new owner(s) must book Post Adoption Training Session with one of our trainers here at the home, this is a free training session.
If you would like more information on Madi, please speak to one of our adoption attendants.