registration number: nme369 
Breed: American Bulldog x 
Age: 6 Years (approx) 
Sex: Female (desexed) 
Colour: White & Tan 
 Josie is a beautiful girl looking for a new start. Josie is best suited to a nice quiet home where she is the only pooch to soak up all the attention!Poor Josie is a little bit unsure of the world around her and would greatly benefit from some positive-reinforcement training. This will help to boost her confidence with new people and new situations.Josie would also do very well with some independence training and some gentle handling exercises to help her settle in. Please feel free to chat with one of our Adoption Attendants or a Behavioural Trainer at the Lost Dogs Home if you would like some more information on these training techniques.

Please contact the Adoption Centre on (03) 8379 4416 for more information on Josie’s medical history.

Please come in and speak with one of our Adoption Attendants if you would like to meet Josie.