registration number: nmf371 
Breed: Greyhound x 
Age: 3 Years (approx) 
Sex: Female (desexed) 
Colour: Black & White 
 Em is a super sweet dog. She walks nicely on lead and would appreciate lots of TLC, some basic training and a daily walk. Greyhounds have a reputation for having having lots of energy but in reality their favourite pass-time is sleeping!They don’t require a lot of exercise and they are usually happier curling up on the couch.Being a greyhound Em will never be allowed to be walked off lead in public and must always wear a muzzle in public unless her new owner gets a Green Collar Assessment done through the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP). Care should be taken to ensure that Em is not put in a position where she is tempted to use her chasing instincts inappropriately. Please read up on this lovely special breed when considering adopting Em.