registration number: nkw435 
Breed: Staffy x
Age: 18 Months (approx) 
Sex: Female (desexed) 
Colour:  Black & White
 Lovely Charlotte has been a little worried about meeting new people while in the shelter, but during her time with us her confidence has built and she is learning to trust. Charlotte is best suited to a quiet home that can allow her her own space and understands that she will bond to her people in her own time.Charlotte is quite happy to be alone and will happily chomp on yummy treats and play with fun interactive toys until her owners return home.Sweet and shy Charlotte currently has little in the way of skills and training. She would benefit greatly from small group classes to help build her confidence and teach her some good behaviours. She is also in need of some controlled socialisation as at the moment she is unsure how to appropriately greet canine pals.