registration number: njd480
Breed: Australian Bulldog x British Bulldog
Age: 5 Years 3 Months (approx.)
Sex: Male (desexed)
Colour: Tan & White
Tyrone is a lovely well behaved boy. He is quite large and would suit an owner who is able to accommodate him with a large back yard.When Tyrone came into the shelter, he had a prolapse of his third eyelid on the right eye. This is commonly known as ‘Cherry Eye’. This prolapse has been repaired surgically but sometimes can recur therefore annual vet check ups are recommended.Tyrone is also affected by dermatitis or skin disease between his toes. He has had some lumps on his paws caused by clogging of the hair follicles which is most likely associated with this dermatitis. These lumps have since been cleaned and resolved, however his paws should be regular cleaned and checked to prevent this occurring again.Tyrone is currently being treated for an ear infection. He will require a little extra care when he is first adopted and further treatment should the condition recur.