registration number: njm341
Breed: Border Collie x
Age: 7 Months (approx.)
Sex: Male (desexed)
Colour: Black & White
Toby is an active puppy. Border Collies are a working breed and as such they have the energy and stamina to run all day. For this reason this breed should only be considered by an active owner who has a large backyard or acreage.Border Collies are a happy and exuberant breed that need LOTS of exercise each day, whether that be through jogging, a brisk walk or ball throwing at the local park. They also need to be an active participant in the rest of daily activities. This will help to keep these task orientated dogs well occupied.A high level of training is another must for this breed and also provides them with another much needed source of mental stimulation and is best combined into their daily exercise regime.  If they are not exercised and kept well occupied they can develop neurotic behaviours and destructive behaviours.

A thorough brush of Toby’s coat twice a week will help keep it knot free.