registration number:  CMV867
Breed:  Poodle x
Age:  5 years and 10 months old (approx)
Sex:  Female (desexed)
Colour:  Apricot
Cheerful Taffy is an extremely enthusiastic little sprite, in need of an owner who can equal her zest for life! Taffy is quite an active dog, and will need an owner who can take her for a daily walk, and keep her engaged throughout the day. She is very clever and would excel in obedience training, so we highly recommend ongoing classes. The poodle breed has a coat that does not shed and if left without regular trimming can easily become matted. Therefore, it is very important that Taffy visit the groomers every 10-12 weeks for a spruce up. Potential owners should keep in mind the cost of regular visits to the salon before considering adoption.Taffy has mild luxating patellas. That is her knee caps have a tendency to dislocate. It is not causing her any problems at the moment and may never, however it is possible that she may need medical or surgical treatment for this condition later on. If you are interested in adopting Taffy please discuss with our veterinary staff.