registration number: cnd841 
Breed: Maltese x 
Age: 5 Years (approx) 
Sex: Male (desexed) 
Colour: White 
 Showing signs of severe neglect, Strudel has received a make over with a groom and bath ridding him of tangled and knotted hair that covered his entire body.
Hiding under that smelly mess was this lovely little dog who we hope to place in a new loving home. To keep Strudel’s coat in tip top condition he will regular visits to the groomers to prevent his coat from becoming long and matted again.Little Strudel is an active and happy dog and is not one to sit and laze on the couch all day. He does however love company and would be very happy to have a daily stroll around the block.Reminders to use his manners wwill ensure Strudel is a obedient and a gentleman.