registration number: njg046
Breed: Maltese x
Age: 10 Years (approx.)
Sex: Male (desexed)
Colour: White
Snoopy is a sweet little dog with an energetic and lively manner that belies his older age.Being an older dog, Snoopy has a few health issues that his new owner needs to be aware of. He has a low-level heart murmur that is not currently affecting his quality of life but will need to be monitored by a vet regularly in case it gets worse over time. He also suffers from chronic skin and ear infections. He has been treated for this during his time with us and has responded very well, but he may experience occasional flare-ups in future that will require attention. Please discuss these issues with a member of our veterinary time if you are interested in adopting Snoopy.Health problems aside, Snoopy loves spending time with both people and other dogs. He loves to run around and play, and would benefit from plenty of exercise and controlled socialisation with other dogs. He is a loving, friendly dog who would make a great companion to a lucky new owner. He will also need to have his coat brushed and trimmed regularly.