registration number: njr364
Breed: Pomeranian x
Age: 7 Years 5 Months (approx.)
Sex: Male (desexed)
Colour: TanĀ & Cream
Rocky is a happy-go-lucky dog with a bright, friendly personality.He would be well-suited to an owner who can provide him with lots of love and attention, along with regular exercise and socialisation.When Rocky first arrived, the fur on his back legs was so matted that it couldn’t be brushed out, so it has been shaved back. His new owners will need to groom his long fur regularly to ensure he is comfortable and not suffering from tangling and matting again.

Rocky also suffers from luxating patellas (misaligned kneecaps). This is not currently impacting his health or wellbeing so does not require surgical intervention. His new owners will need to keep in mind that he may require orthopedic surgery in future. Please discuss this with a member of our veterinary team if you are interested in adopting Rocky.