registration number: nkb147 
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier x 
Age: 1 Year 1 Month (approx) 
Sex: Female (desexed) 
Colour: White & Tan 
Poppy is an energetic little lady looking for a new owner who will be patient with her as she develops into the wonderful companion she will become.Poppy would benefit from enrolling in a small positive reinforcement based training class to help build her confidence and learn new tricks!Poppy is sensitive to being handled and would need gentle guidance to help her enjoy a cuddle. Due to her sensitive nature Poppy would be best suited to a home without small children.Poppy has mild luxating patella’s. This is not causing any issues at the moment but may require veterinary attention in the future.If you are interested in meeting Poppy, please speak to one of our friendly adoption staff members.