registration number: nje339
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier x
Age: 8 Years (approx.)
Sex: female (desexed)
Colour: Tri Colour
Lovely Lucy is a sweet dog with plenty of pep in her step. This lovely little dog is needing a new caring home where she is given lots of love and attention.Lucy is suffering from a chronic skin condition that is likely to have never been treated in the past. As a result she has some thinning fur on the base of her tail and in currently undergoing treatment for infections in both ears.  Lucy will need some extra care from her new owners to ensure that they get her skin under control.  This will include regular good quality flea treatments, diet and bathing in sensitive skin shampoo.

Lucy also has mild luxating patella(s)where her knee caps have a tendency to dislocate. It is not causing her any problems at the moment, and may never,   however it is possible that she may need medical or surgical treatment for this condition later on. If you are interested in adopting lovely Lucy please discuss this with our veterinary staff.