registration number:  NJC329
Breed:  Pomeranian x
Age:  7 years old (approx)
Sex:  Female (desexed)
Colour:  White
Lottie is a little older than some but at 7 years of age that also makes her a lot wiser. She is extremely sweet, has a lovely happy nature that is infectious and of course there is her crooked smile that just adds to her character. Lottie’s soft coat will need regular brushing, good flea control and the occasional bath to keep it spick and span. Her teeth will need ongoing care including visits to the vet for cleaning. Teeth cleaning chew toys and raw bones will also benefit Lottie’s smile for the long term. With the right person, this gorgeous lady will make a wonderful companion for many years to come.Lottie has a mild luxating patella. That is her knee cap has a tendency to dislocate. It is not causing her any problems at the moment and may never, however it is possible that she may need medical treatment for this condition later on. If you are interested in adopting Lottie please discuss with our veterinary staff.