registration number:  NKA086
Breed:  Bull Arab x
Age:  8 months old (approx)
Sex:  Male (desexed)
Colour:  White and brindle
Lachie is a lovely young dog who is going to grow into a large, active adult. He will need plenty of exercise, playtime and ongoing training to ensure he grows into a happy, sensible adult dog. His young age, size and enthusiasm paired with a lack of body consciousness means that Lachie is best suited to a home without smaller children. Lachie shows signs of anxiety when left alone and his owner will need to work on ‘alone training’ to build his confidence. Lachie’s new owners may need to work with an experienced behavioural trainer or veterinary behaviourist if he continues to be anxious once he has settled into his new home. Using plenty of positive reinforcement and environmental enrichment will be important for Lachie. He will benefit from ongoing training in a positive reinforcement group class to build social skills with dogs. Lachie is not confident with handling and will need a patient owner who can slowly build his confidence in this area. Lachie is a lovely boy who is ready to find his forever home.