registration number: nkj485
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier x 
Age: 1 Year 11 Months (approx) 
Sex: Male (desexed) 
Colour: Brown & White 
 Jack is a sensitive little soul waiting for a patient and loving new home! Jack takes a little while to warm up to people but with gentle encouragement and lots of treats you will soon win his heart!Jack would love to be a part of his new family’s daily routine and allowed access to both inside and outside. He wouldn’t say no to a cheeky snooze on the sofa either!

Jack is a little bit worried when being handled and is very nervous when meeting other dogs. He would benefit from work with a trainer to help build his confidence in social situations. Jack would also benefit greatly from independence training to allow him to be more comfortable when left on his own.

We believe it would be in jack’s best interest to go to a home with adults only. Jack has a mild skin condition and a luxating patella that are not bothering him at the moment but may require veterinary attention in the future.

Please speak to our lovely adoption Attendants if you would like to meet Jack.