registration number: njo135
Breed: Siberian Husky
Age: 18 Months (approx.)
Sex: Male (desexed)
Colour: Tan & White
Govner is quite a relaxed and calm dog but he also loves attention. He will need ongoing training ensuring he is well mannered and obedient.Siberian Husky’s are sociable and loving, gentle and cheerful but tend to be clever, willful and mischievous. They are not a breed for everyone and before deciding to welcome one into your family careful consideration must be taken.  Being an energetic breed they need lots of exercise and if they do not get enough they can be very destructive. This breed loves to run and once off the lead, they’re off! This is an independent breed and they’ll do something if its in their best interest, not just because you ask them to.

For Govner’s sake please research more of this breeds unique requirements before adoption to ensure you are up to the challenge of owning this beautiful breed.