registration number: cna876
Breed: Maltese x Poodle
Age: 4 Years (approx.)
Sex: Male (desexed)
Colour: White
After his haircut and bath Billy is now rid of hid long, matted and tangled hair.  Hiding under all that mess was bubbly little Billy. He is an energetic and happy little guy and is seeking a new home where he is given lots of fun activities to keep him happy and busy.Billy will need regular brushing and clipping to prevent his coat from becoming long and neglected again.Billy’s little knee caps have a tendency to dislocate which may cause him to occasionally skip his hind leg. It is not causing him any problems at the moment, and may never, however it is possible that he may need medical or surgical treatment for this condition later on. If you are interested in adopting Billy please feel free to discuss him with our veterinary staff.