registration number: nin498
Breed: Terrier x
Age: 8 Years (approx.)
Sex: Male (desexed)
Colour: Tan & White
This happy go lucky fella is looking for somewhere new to call home. Junior is an older gentleman who loves to make new friends. He endears all he meets with his charming personality and impeccable manners. Despite his advanced years, Junior still has plenty of pep in his step and his curious nature means he takes a keen interest in his environment. He will need a medium to large backyard to sniff around in and preferably a warm inside bed to keep him comfortable. Daily interesting walks or a run in the dog park will be essential to keep Junior fit and healthy. Junior seems to have enjoyed the good life and is carrying a bit of excess weight. He will need a calorie controlled diet to ensure he is on track for a long and happy life without too much stress on his heart and joints.