registration number:  NHL310
Breed:  Wolfhound x Staffy
Age:  1 year old (approx)
Sex:  Male (desexed)
Colour:  Brindle and white
Elliot is a sensitive and unique looking young dog with lots to learn. He has received little in the way of training and while he is capable of sitting he can also be boisterous and likes to jump up uninvited. For this reason he isn’t suitable in a home with children as he could easily knock them over. He can lack confidence and needs a gentle but firm and consistent owner who will socialise him with lots of other dogs and expose him to new and different experiences. Elliots owner will need to be dedicated to spending time training and exercising him daily, giving him lots of attention and belly rubs which he loves. He will also need secure fencing. Elliot is an interesting mix of two very different breeds and due to his wolfhound heritage, he may still have a bit of growing to do!