registration number:  NHG048
Breed:  Maltese Cross
Age:  1 year 6 Months
Sex:  Desexed Male
Colour:  White
Sweet little Caspa came into our care not being able to walk properly. Upon examination it was discovered that he had an old fracture in one of his back legs. Without previous treatment his leg had healed in an abnormal position preventing him from ever using it. The only option left was to amputate giving him a better chance of a full and happy life. Dogs cope amazingly well with only three legs and he now needs a new foever home where he will receive lots of TLC, cuddles and love. Before long this little chap will be bouncy around not realising he has only three legs!Caspa will need a good nutritious and controlled diet keeping him lean and fit. This will help to reduce the load on his good leg.Caspa has had a hair cut ridding him of his long and matted coat making regular outings to the groomers a must to keep him looking his handsome best.