registration number:  NHE327
Breed:  Yorkshire Terrier x
Age:  4 years old (approx)
Sex:  Female (desexed)
Colour:  Tan & grey
Aggy is a pint sized lass who will make the perfect lap companion. She is very sweet natured and will need an owner who can give her plenty of love and attention. Her fine coat will need to be regularly brushed and as her skin has shown some mild signs of irritation it is important that Aggy receives a high quality diet and flea control to keep her skin in good condition. Aggy has had orthopaedic surgery on a both luxating patellas – knee surgery to correct a both of her wobbly kneecaps that would otherwise lead to arthritis.  She will be  requiring some extra care for the first month in her new home, which can be discussed with our veterinary staff.