registration number:  NHD482
Breed:  Greyhound x
Age:  4 years old (approx)
Sex:  Male (desexed)
Colour:  Black & white
Andy is a super sweet and super affectionate greyhound. While he loves to climb onto your lap for a cuddle he also has a tendency to jump up on you uninvited. So as part of his general training it is important that he also learns manners. Andy has not had the best start to life and will need good quality food to help him improve his weight and bring out the luster in his coat, which is currently dull. This will also improve the condition of his dry skin. Being a greyhound Andy will never be allowed to be walked off lead in public and must always wear a muzzle in public unless his new owner gets a Green Collar Assessment done through the Greyhound Adoption Program. Greyhounds don’t require a lot of exercise so always being on lead is not an issue for them and they are usually happier curling up on the couch. Please read up on this lovely special breed when considering adopting Andy.