registration number: ngq043
Breed: German Shepherd x Belgian Shepherd
Age: 3 Years (approx)
Sex: Male (desexed)
Colour: Sable
Lovely Lars has a calm and quiet temperament. He is a little overwhelmed at the moment so he can be a little shy when meeting new people. However once Lars gets to know you, his affectionate and cuddly nature shines. Lars seems to have had some training in the past as he sits, stays and walks well on lead. Lars’ new owner should have the time and energy to continue his training as the German Shepherd is a highly intelligent breed that thrives on working and training with their owner. Lars will need plenty of mental stimulation to keep him from becoming bored. Please research more of this breeds requirements before adoption to ensure you are up to the challenge of owning this beautiful breed.Lars has very mild hip dysplacia. This is common in the German Shepherd breed and is a congenital problem. He is currently coping very well and can walk and run without any problems. Lars will need ongoing veterinary care and possible joint supplement later in life.