Toilet Training

Your puppy has a small bladder and bowel and will therefore need to taken outdoors to toilet regularly, otherwise accidents will happen! Most puppies learn to toilet outdoors quite easily while for others the process can be quite difficult. Puppies that have been reared in unclean or cramped environments often do not learn to distinguish between sleeping and toileting areas. These puppies will need careful supervision and an extra dose of patience on your behalf during toilet training.

    Yes it was necessary to repeat that three times because the key to successfully toilet training your puppy is to not allow mistakes to be made in the first place. This means taking your puppy outside to the same spot first thing in the morning, after every meal and nap and whenever the puppy has had a period of excitement. Look for signs that your puppy needs to go to the toilet. Sniffing, walking in circles, scratching at the floor, waiting by the door or being restless are signs that your puppy is about to relieve himself. Young puppies will need to be taken outdoors to toilet at least every four hours during the night. So set your alarm for the next few weeks!
  2. Praise and reward your puppy every time he toilets outside. If you catch your puppy in the process of toileting, calmly pick him up and carry him outside.
  3. Never ever punish your puppy for toileting inside. This will only confuse the puppy and delay the process of toilet training. If a puppy is punished for toileting inside it may easily confuse your message. These puppies tend to toilet out of sight of their owner for fear of being punished (Eg. under the sofa, behind the TV etc.)
  4. Teach your puppy that it is possible to go to the toilet outside when it is raining or the grass is wet! This means that initially you will have to take your puppy outside in the rain and wait until he goes to the toilet. Praise and reward for a job well done!

If you need to leave your puppy alone while you are at work confine him to an area such as the laundry or kitchen. Give puppy some comfortable bedding, fresh water and a range of chew toys. Create a toileting area away from puppy’s bed using either newspaper, commercial pee pads or a litter tray containing turf.

Provided by Nicole Beasley of Planet K9