“My dog jumps all over me when I come home from work”

Your dog is literally jumping for joy at your homecoming. They are anxious to get your attention and jumping on you is a tried and true method of achieving this. If you are scolding them – you are in fact giving them what they want – YOUR ATTENTION. Let’s teach your dog that the best way to get your attention is by keeping four paws on the floor. Dogs cannot jump and sit at the same time. In fact sitting could be regarded as the act of not jumping.

When your dog jumps at you, totally withdraw your attention, cross your arms and turn away from them. Your dog may become frustrated for a moment and jump at you desperately trying to get your attention. Continue to ignore your dog until they stop jumping (even for a second) then ask your dog to sit. When your dog sits, praise them, giving them your full attention. If they jump up again, repeat the process. Your dog will learn that the surest way to get your attention is to sit when they greet you.

Provided by Nicole Beasley of Planet K9