registration number: neo401
Breed: Shih Tzu x Terrier
Age: 1 Year (approx)
Gender: Male desexed
Colour: Salt & Pepper
Mischievous Kramer has a huge personality and lots of love to give. Kramer is a very clever boy who very quick to learn new things. He needs a new home with an experienced owner who has the time and energy to ensure he receives lots of training and exercise Every Day.
Kramer is a very determined little dog who needs an equally determined and experienced owner to convince him that ‘being still for regular grooming’ and ‘good manners’ are all part of his new home. Mixing with new dogs and people under controlled conditions at training under the guidance of Planet K9 trainers, will ensure Mystery adjusts well to her new richer life. We do not recommend a home with an inexperienced owner or small children for shy Mystery.