registration number: NCQ113
Breed: Maltese X
Age: 3 years(approx)
Gender: Male desexed
Colour: White
Coat length: medium
Tommy has a new lease on life, when he arrived at the shelter he was in very poor condition; his coat was full of knots which meant he needed to be fully clipped. Due to the cold weather Tommy requires his new owners to provide him with protection from the weather. He has a loving, outgoing personality. During his medical check over our veterinary staff discovered Tommy’s knee caps have a tendency to dislocate. It is not causing him any problems at the moment and may never. However it is possible that he may need medical or surgical treatment for this condition in the future. If you are interested in adopting Tommy please discuss required care with our veterinary staff. He is also currently being treated for an ear infection. He will require a little extra care when first adopted and further treatment should the condition recur.