registration number: ccm070
Breed: Labrador x
Age: 15 months (approx)
Gender: Male desexed
Colour: black
Coat length: short
Rumble is a dog with energy to burn. He love’s to play and run and needs an owner who can give him lots to do. Twice daily walks and obedience training are essential if he is not to become bored and destructive. Rumble has had very little training and socialisation, an experience owner with no young children who has an active life style would be ideal, someone who can make a huge commitment to training school and lots of socialisation. Rumble is very strong on lead, and tends to forget his manners. If you have another dog at home and are interested in adopting Rumble it would be recommended that you bring your dog to the shelter to met and greet prior to taking Rumble home as he can be very excitable and over the top around dogs. Your dog may not accept this behaviour.